Fashion Friday: Mint to Be

Mint to Be

 Do you feel like you could walk into a room and just make everyone’s jaw drop?  I think with this Fashion Friday’s outfit, anyone could!  This is a go to office outfit: stylish but sexy, in an office appropriate way.  Honestly if I could I would wear this every week because this oozes professional but sexy at the same time.  Want to make it more fun for after work parties? Loose the blazer and let your hair down or leave it half up/half down to keep it casual.  Don’t forget to strut your stuff ladies.

Fashion Friday: Winter Wonderlust

Winter Wonderlust

Is it just me, or has someone else had the desire to just glow as bright as the snow on the ground? I feel like I’m alone on that one, but this week’s fashion is Winter Wonderlust.  The soft smokey eye to ease the beautifully white party dress with the stylish square side bag.  The loose curls to complement the white pearls to give it an elegant touch to this business gal.  Hope you make this outfit yours this weekend.  Strut your stuff Snow Queen.

Fashion Friday: Seeing Red

Fashion Friday

It’s the holiday season and we all want to strut our stuff when it counts the most.  Wanting to show off my style at all the parties this week, I wanted to stand out in a dark yet vibrant way: black and red.  The red against the black makes everything seem dark, yet seductive. Lets be honest, who doesn’t want that with the start of a new year? So lets see how things flow with this powerful outfit in the party scene.  Show off your style too this holiday season and don’t hold back.  Don’t forget to strut your stuff ladies.

A new way to party: Virtual Thirty-One Partys

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting my first Thirty-One party. Now normally I don’t host any of the direct sales parties because I just don’t have enough local friends to come to them. The bulk of my framily (friends+Family) is back home in Southern IN so I never thought it was possible to do one until I was home again. This is where the Fabulous Leticia comes in. She is an AMAZING Thirty-One consultant who I met through a WAHM group that I am in. She was offering Virtual Thirty-One Parties. I took the chance and had one. I couldn’t be happier with the turnout and how it went.

How it works is, the party is held as a Facebook event. Leticia sets it all up for you and makes you an admin. After the date and time are set up, you’ll then start inviting all your friends and family. Leticia then sends you a package of catalogs, order forms and information on Thirty-One. You can then invite any of your local friends to purchase before the actual party through you. You would take the funds and but them on your order to save shipping. Anyone ordering online will do so through a link that Leticia provides. Leading up to the day of the party, Letica starts posting games and statuses to remind attendees that the party is coming. This also gives attendees a chance to win prizes and such, much like a in-house party. At the time of the party, you would sign on and join in the fun and games that all happen in the event page. The shopping and hostess gifts all work the same its just the platform that is different. If you’re like me and never held a party of this sort before Leticia can answer all of your questions.

Leticia was an amazing consultant. she went above and beyond to help answer questions and make the party fun and exciting. I

As Seen on Pinterest: Sharpie Mugs (that work with regular Sharpies!)

I’ve seen this Pin for a while now. I’ve seen so many ways to get it to work. Most say that it can’t be done with normal Sharpies. Well Guess what, I did just that. Stick around and I’ll share.


First things First, lets gather supplies.

You’ll need:
A mug
Rubbing alcohol
And your oven.

First wipe your mug down with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Design your mug!

Put in cool oven and set at 425 for 30mins. The idea is to get the oven hot at the same time as your mug gets hot. You wouldn’t want a shattered mug in your oven.

Let cool completely. Remove from oven and your set.

These mugs are hand wash only as any major buffing or dish washing will damage the design.



Dreaming of spring.

The weather has been so up and down lately. Its currently hailing/Snowing/Railing here in NC. It was 60 degrees last week. Needless to say that I am not amused Mother Nature. All of this cold and dreary weather has left me longing for spring and a new cute spring wardrobe. I’ve been slowly cranking out new spring designs and now that its fashion week I’m glad that my designs are following the very tailored trend that most designers were showing. I am loving Lela Rose’s Fall collection.

As far as my own designs I have a new design, Sooki and the Little Sooki. A mommy and me design. Its a open backed wrap dress with Sweetheart neckline.

minisooki-front miniSooki-back1 1531585_10151929606837199_180524682_oBoth sizes are going to be coming in Prints and Solids. The Woman’s size has buttons for closures. The Little Sooki has a Multi Snap closure to ensure that the child can’t remove them.

Also added to the shop is Skirt Extenders. These are your Granny’s slips, Made especially for adding much need length to a too short skirt or dress. They have a print or lace at the hem to add length and flare to any Skirt. They come in both Ladies and Girls sizes.

For the Little Lad I am listing backpacks, and a boys shirt and ties. There is also more Ladies wear design coming as soon as they are done being drafted.

Project galore.

This week was a work week. I have been designing away on a few new designs. One of which is not quite finished yet. The finished one is a new toddler backpack.  It’s smaller in size to fit perfectly on their little backs.  It will hold necessities easily and has velcro closures for toddler ease of access.

The unfinished is a revision of my former Sooki dress.  Grading up patterns tend to take some time and testing to perfect. I do have a small peak.

The final new project I’ve been working on is with Bones. We have been designing a custom ring wrap for my engagement ring. Since its been 4 years is time I get an actual wedding band.  Pictured is my prototype. This was before final changes and metal casting.

3/52 weeks


My first Cannoli.

This week mostly was a work week but more on that later. I had my first Cannoli this week. Which it was good but from the Commissary so i feel that it could be so much better i may try my hand at making them sometime which i think my Father in law would love.


I caught a sweet glimpse of the villains playing together on their new to them couch. They are smitten with them.

Recipe: Taco Bake

Tacobake mainWe eat tacos a lot. I mean like at least once a week sometimes more. Venom loves tacos and Taco bell. Everytime we pass on she thinks we need to stop and get a taco. This recipe was created after trying to think up a different way to serve tacos. Its a variation of Taco Pie that my Step-Mom made when I was younger. Its now a family favorite that when made leaves no leftovers. Its easily adaptable to your food preferences. this is my base recipe and I change it up from time to time. Add what you want. I’ve added rice, olives, jalapenos, topped with lettuce, crumbled corn chips and more.



Recipe: Taco Bake


1lb ground beef

2tbsp taco seasoning

1can Rotel tomatoes

half of a medium onion

1 can of refried beans

1- 2cup package of  cheddar cheese

3 or 4 tortillas

9×9 baking dish

1.) cook ground beef until brown. While meat cooks Heat up Refried beans in a pan.

2.) dice onion and add to beef. Cook until edges become translucent.

3.) Drain liquid from tomatoes and mix with meat and onions.

4.) sprinkle taco seasoning over meat. mix until all incorporated.

5.)lightly grease baking dish before placing a tortilla in the bottom.

6.) Spread with refried beans

7.) add a layer of meat (I used about have of the meat mix)

8.) Add Cheese.

9.) Top with Tortilla and repeat for a second layer. ( you can add more than 2 layers but my pan fits 2 nicely)

10. Top with a generous heap of cheese.

11.) put in oven for 10-15 mins. Cheese should be melted and tortillas golden brown.

12.) Serve and Enjoy. Garnish as you wish.


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