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Spring wardrobe update.



One of my biggest struggle since getting married and becoming a mom is making sure I dress appropriate. At 29, it’s time to dress like an adult even if I am totally faking my adult status. Since I have lost the majority of my baby weight from Frankenbaby, it was time to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve read up on capsule wardrobes thanks to some Facebook mommy groups and Pinterest. While I love the idea I love clothing and can’t stop sewing it for myself.

Ideally I would have sewn myself some new shorts and tops, but I don’t have the time or the ability since the majority of our house is in boxes for our eventual move (buying a house is a frustrating process, but that’s another post). So a quick trip was made to Ross to see what they had. I seriously love Ross. They always have the cutest items for wardrobe and home.

I picked up six pieces that all with work with each other and the other items in my current wardrobe. My goal is to have a super simple grab and go wardrobe.



This outfit was actually chosen for family photos. I loved the simple elegance of the top. It is a ballerina pink with lace overlay and some bling details at the neck line. The shorts are the softest denim I have ever felt. They have some bling details on pockets as well. I’ve wanted some white shorts or pants for awhile now but until now I couldn’t commit.


I saw this high low tunic and fell In love with it instanty. It’s flowly and a light weight cotton so it’s perfect for the warm days of the south west. It should pair perfectly with short, pants and leggings make it a very versatile piece. I snagged a pair of distressed capris to replace a pair of my favorite distressed jeans that are slowly becoming dryer lent.


The last set I got was a simple plaid button down and some high waisted shorts. The shorts are another item oven been looking to add for some time now. I just love the colors in the plaid. The coral and teal go really beautifully together.


I have aver already started mixing in my current wardrobe. For a look at my outfits, check out Instagram for daily updates!

Stay tuned for all my sewn pieces that will be made after our move.


This & That: Vintage Nautical

Over the last few months I’ve gone through a style transformation. I’ve started changing my wardrobe from the band tees to colored fitted tees and cardigans, from jeans to more skirts and dresses. Here a a few of my favorite Items as of right now.

LACE MAXI’S- I’m really loving the coverage these give. Having Venom running everywhere leads to not always being as ladylike as I want. Pair this with a Cardigan and you have an outfit fit for cool summer nights or spring/fall weddings.

SPERRY TOP SLIDERS-Baby Venom has some in the most adorable pink plaid. I am lusting after a few pairs. That a some TOMS.

STATEMENT JEWELRY- I have a Mom ring and a pink mustache ring I wear on a regular bases. I also have vintage costume jewelry that I wear, when not Packed away….   

Skirts and Khakis!- I’ve been making more skirts for myself to wear. And I got my first pair of Bermudas a few weeks ago.

Anything with an Anchor print.