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Project galore.

This week was a work week. I have been designing away on a few new designs. One of which is not quite finished yet. The finished one is a new toddler backpack.  It’s smaller in size to fit perfectly on their little backs.  It will hold necessities easily and has velcro closures for toddler ease of access.

The unfinished is a revision of my former Sooki dress.  Grading up patterns tend to take some time and testing to perfect. I do have a small peak.

The final new project I’ve been working on is with Bones. We have been designing a custom ring wrap for my engagement ring. Since its been 4 years is time I get an actual wedding band.  Pictured is my prototype. This was before final changes and metal casting.

Doll Mei Tai Carrier Tutorial AND Free Pattern!



I am a baby wearing junkie. While I have only a few carriers mostly made by me, I wear my girls as much as I can especially when out running errands or during family time. My usual carrier is a Full Buckle Soft structure carrier. It seems that my babywearing has worn off (hahah Pun intended) on Venom. She usually brings me a scarf and asks me to help her wear her babies. I decided that I would make her a Mei Tei for her dolls so that she could have a carrier too. I plan to make her a Buckle eventually but she’s in love for now. She’s spent the day carrying her Rainbow Dash around while building with her legos.

Without further ado, the Tutorial.


Little Vintage Lovely.

If you saw my last post then you’ll know that I’ve been working on some epic little girls dresses. I thought I’d share and Tell a little about them.

Matching Bow ties. 

 This first one is a patchwork bubble hemmed dress. Its fully lined and has covered buttons down the back. It also has a matching Bow tie and Suspenders (not pictured, I forgot to snap a picture before mailing) for the little girls big brother and a Matching Headband for Momma.

Built in Pettiskirt

 I also made a Vintage inspired linen Pink Polka dot dress. This dress has a built in pettiskirt, full circle skirt for twirling, puffy sleeves and a zipper up the back. It too is fully lined and has finished seams. Once again it has a matching Bow tie for big brother.

Venom’s Birthday dress.

I also whipped up a birthday dress for Venom. She turned 1 on Monday. (oh my how time flies) I just appliqued a cupcake on a onesie and made a simple elastic skirt. I used leftover material from her diaperbag and some scraps I had. She got several compliments on her cute little outfit and Bow, (which was a Loopy bow from Bows by Tif) I am offering the Birthday outfits in my shop now as a semi custom, You chose your print and either Shorts or a skirt.

Sewing 101: HELP Machine troubles…

Lets get back on track with our sewing lessons. Today we’re going to chat about common machine problems. theses are just issues/questions that I see most often. Please if you think that you can’t handle the problem or have no clue what you are doing take your machine in to a service center.

Problem #1: Bobbin thread is all loopy and a mess.
Solution: Re thread the machine, bobbin and all. Some times the thread can skip a tension causing the loopiness. When rethreading the machine take your time to make sure your getting the thread in all of the tensions. The other cause of this problem could be the way the bobbin is put in. Some machines require the bobbin to be put in so it spins counter clockwise. Check your manual to be sure.

Problem #2: Skipped Stitches- This can be an upper tension problem, a dull needle, or it can be something bigger.
Solution: Start by rethreading your machine, changing the needle, clean lint from bobbin area(check your manual for how to) and if your machine is computerized, repower it on. If this doenst fix it then take it in to be serviced,

Problem #3: Jamming up while sewing
Solution: Your item could be too thick. Make sure your using the correct needle for what your sewing. (don’t use a ballpoint jersey needle on wovens, etc…) if possible take out any extra thickness or test on a single layer, if its still doing it, then take it in.

Problem #4: How do I?
Solution: Read your manual. I kid you not, I see this quite often. Read your book, that’s why they come with it. They talk about the different stitches, how to tread, wind a bobbin and maintenance. Its all right there and very helpful. so read it before sewing….

Home Under Construction

I’ve spent mt day sitting here playing with Venom while watching the Maintenance guys rip out all of the kitchen and bathrooms cabinets…. yeah not fun. I spent the weekend cleaning out said cabinets. My Apartment is a wreck. I did make my tiny stock pile look pretty. as soon as they are done (and I’m done putting things back away) I’ll try to snap picks of it all prettified. It really couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting reorganized and downsizing. We have A LOT of things we dont use or need, Lots of clothes we don’t wear and etc… I’ve been reading organizing blogs (my new favorite blog is IHeart Organizing), looking for ideas on Pinterest and figuring things out on my own. I’ve Learned to label, sort and trash things. My paper shredder is my new BFF… LOL not really I still love my real Besties, but its up there. I even made an awesome battastic Household binder, I’m still working on pages for it, but its together. I’ve even reworked my Business binder and organized Hello Kendra. I’ve been planning out post and content. I’ve got a friend that is working on a new biz logo. Things are coming together and I feel my days running a bit more smoothly. Venom still throws a wrench in the plans from time to time but its getting where needs to be..

Its been along weekend. Mr. Sailor had Duty and watch yesterday so it made for a lonely day for Venom and I. He did have today off so that makes up for it. He and I have been playing Skyrim, he’s been giving my pointers while he plays and I’m stuck. I can’t find my way to where I need to be. I can’t fast travel either as I just started the game and haven’t found all of the spots. Doesn’t really matter much as I dont get much game playing time anyways. There’s always something else to be done. Speaking of which….

 Ta Ta.

Howdy Partner….

Welp, we’re in Texas now. Let me tell you, that after living in Southern IN and FL, Texas is a different atmosphere. Everything is so different, especially the way the city is layed out. I like it. Its nice to be abole to hop on the highway, zoom to where we need to go and them hop back on and zoom home. NO stoplights and no having to navigate down several different streets at 40mph…. The drivers are crazy and careless though. Some women almost hit us the other day do to her being on her cell phone and crossing 3 lanes of traffic. She was not paying attention. Thankfully Mr. Sailor was driving.

With our move, we decided to downsize so that we could save some money and live in a better area. (military bases aren’t usually in the nice area’s of towns they’re in….) I now find myself with a problem. Since we now rent a 2bedroom Flat, we have lost about 500sqft. most of which is the 3bedroom and a garage. That being said I am trying to find ways of storing the things that we’ve kept and still be able to work and use them. My poor little Venom’s room is still in boxes. Several of which are my sewing stuff and Mr. Sailor’s garage things…. I’ve been looking at organizing and storage solutions/tips to make it work. We’re also getting rid of things we don’t need any longer. With all of my reorganizing and decluttering I plan on making it were I can work and get back on track. I’ve said it several times now and have started to do so but always came to a standstill. This time I have some powerful drive and lots of new incentives.

Shoe love….

Thank you google images. These are no longer for sale on the Christian Louboutin website. :(

 I am in love with these shoes. While Mr. Sailor said NO to the 900$ pair of fabulous-ness.I’m still figuring out how I can make these mine…. Sale anyone? (well there is a Coupon code for 40% off in the Etsy store until August 31st…. hint hint…)

I have a confession, I am addicted to shoes. I love shoes but hardly wear them. I love them so much I have about 40 pairs as of right now. (This number has shrank from like 50+ in years past.) Most of the collection is compiled of high (I mean really high) heels. I’m the most vertically challenged of my siblings so heels make me feel not as short. :)

Exciting news!

I wrote this a bit ago and just realized this was still in my drafts folder. Eep, sorry about that.

I’ve got exciting news, We’re moving to Texas. Mr. Sailor got approved for the PMT school. So that means we’re making our first major move. I’m excited but dreading the heat. I’m hoping that since we well only be there through the fall-spring(Winter tho the rest of the country…) months that the heat will be bearable. This also means that Venom and I will need lots more dresses and skirts. I have a few in the works but she is cutting teeth so she is needing snuggled a bit more now.

Speaking of Venom, she’s almost 4 months old….. (holy crap where’d the time go??) She is already sleeping through the night. She is about to roll over, she can roll completely on to her side, she just needs to hook her leg over. She babbles and sticks her tongue out. She also has become a complete Poppa’s girl. She loves her daddy and loves to smile and talk to him. She also has a new Companion to play with, Bruce Wayne, our new male kitten who is about as old as she is. He loves to sleep next to her… which I dont care for. (don’t worry he’s not allowed in her room unsupervised.) but he does think her toys are his.. Harley Quinn still likes to watch Venom from a distance and check on her when she cries.

In business related news, I now have a store front directly on my Facebook page. This means that you can shop right there without having to leave the page. I’ve been doing quite a bit of revamping and redecorating. You’ll see that there is a new logo, tags, catergories and so forth. I’m adding a baby gear line. I plan on offering diaper bags, cloth diapers(which I’m looking for testers for!), clothing and more.

A not so Challenging Decision

Im usually one who will think decisions and options out very very carefully before anything else. Now in my 40 weeks, I don’t want to be pregnant any longer mind frame. Everything annoys me and wears my already very thin patience even thinner. While taking a break from cleaning up the house before Our family arrives, I look at my phone to see I have several Facebook notifications. I log on and IMMEDIATELY become annoyed. So then and there I decided that Facebook and I are breaking up. I need to focus my attentions else were anyways. My business has fallen to the sidelines and I need to focus on that and Venom (if she ever decides to journey into the real world…). My focus over the next few weeks will be revamping this blog (stay tuned for more tutorials and Craft related post) and getting new Merch made and photographed.

Comments and such that anyone may post on Facebook will be left unanswered so its best to contact me Via Commenting here, Twitter or Email.

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