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Dreaming of spring.

The weather has been so up and down lately. Its currently hailing/Snowing/Railing here in NC. It was 60 degrees last week. Needless to say that I am not amused Mother Nature. All of this cold and dreary weather has left me longing for spring and a new cute spring wardrobe. I’ve been slowly cranking out new spring designs and now that its fashion week I’m glad that my designs are following the very tailored trend that most designers were showing. I am loving Lela Rose’s Fall collection.

As far as my own designs I have a new design, Sooki and the Little Sooki. A mommy and me design. Its a open backed wrap dress with Sweetheart neckline.

minisooki-front miniSooki-back1 1531585_10151929606837199_180524682_oBoth sizes are going to be coming in Prints and Solids. The Woman’s size has buttons for closures. The Little Sooki has a Multi Snap closure to ensure that the child can’t remove them.

Also added to the shop is Skirt Extenders. These are your Granny’s slips, Made especially for adding much need length to a too short skirt or dress. They have a print or lace at the hem to add length and flare to any Skirt. They come in both Ladies and Girls sizes.

For the Little Lad I am listing backpacks, and a boys shirt and ties. There is also more Ladies wear design coming as soon as they are done being drafted.

Project galore.

This week was a work week. I have been designing away on a few new designs. One of which is not quite finished yet. The finished one is a new toddler backpack.  It’s smaller in size to fit perfectly on their little backs.  It will hold necessities easily and has velcro closures for toddler ease of access.

The unfinished is a revision of my former Sooki dress.  Grading up patterns tend to take some time and testing to perfect. I do have a small peak.

The final new project I’ve been working on is with Bones. We have been designing a custom ring wrap for my engagement ring. Since its been 4 years is time I get an actual wedding band.  Pictured is my prototype. This was before final changes and metal casting.

Doll Mei Tai Carrier Tutorial AND Free Pattern!



I am a baby wearing junkie. While I have only a few carriers mostly made by me, I wear my girls as much as I can especially when out running errands or during family time. My usual carrier is a Full Buckle Soft structure carrier. It seems that my babywearing has worn off (hahah Pun intended) on Venom. She usually brings me a scarf and asks me to help her wear her babies. I decided that I would make her a Mei Tei for her dolls so that she could have a carrier too. I plan to make her a Buckle eventually but she’s in love for now. She’s spent the day carrying her Rainbow Dash around while building with her legos.

Without further ado, the Tutorial.


Tip and Tricks: Needles and Thread

It’s recommended to change your machines needle after every 8hrs of sewing with it. It helps to keep your machine running smoothly as a dull needle can cause a mess of issues. A quick and simple trick is to keep a post it with the date and time when you sewed on your machine.

I keep a little “log” of when I start and stop so that I know how long the needle is been in use.

Another helpful tip is to write the date of purchase on your spools of thread. As thread sits it drys out and will cause fraying, shredding and breakage. Which is a major frustration when sewing especially for beginners. This is why its always suggested to not use inherited thread.

Weekly goals: sewing the distance

Yesterday was chaotic so this is a day late. It seems that my not so darling dog has a thing for snacking on my pot holders. Sadly I am out of heat resistant batting so I resorted to going to Kmart to get a few. I was able to snag 2 Paula Deen ones for the price of one other brand. This past weekend was filled with family fun. The girls and I fabric shopped.

I got these lovely fabrics. 

Then Vy and the Mr. painted a canvas for her room. She loves painting now. She is continuously asking to paint.
I’m setting 5 goals for this week.
To finish 2 designs that I’ve started. 
To create a new tidy and fun look for the blog. 
Create a dress for Vy and Ry
Start working on 2 morrow designs. 
Share all of this on here. 
I know some seem repetitive but I want to start sewing and listing more items on SewAnna Button Designs ( ). I want this to happen weekly. Though in 2 weeks I will be prepping for vacation. I am hoping to keep it up and offer more. 

Weekend Recap: fly on by.

It’s seems like the weekends fly by so fast that I never get enoght done. My goal was to get several pieces cut and sewn this weekend. I have to get a mock up to a custom swing dress in the mail so that the fit can be checked. I want to get diaper sewn for a stocking and I need new stock for my shop (

Instead of being done this weekend they have become goals for this week. This weekend was spent tending to sick babies. Both girls had a bug or something. There was lots of vomit and spit up. 
I did manage to go to the farmers market. Which I think I am going to make a weekly thing now.

I used my veggies to make a quick veggie pasta for dinner last night. Both Venom and the Mr loved it. It’s zucchini, egg plant, garlic, and mushrooms sauted in bacon grease with some pasta tossed in.  It went together in 30mins (just in time to eat and watch true blood). I love quick meals for the weekends. 

Hope every one has a great week, I am of to sew! 

Bump Watch 2.0- 27weeks.

This pregnancy, I’ve been really lazy with the updating, taking pictures and even doing baby related things. Given we dont need much this time around just newborn diapers, a carseat, and Venom needs a toddler bed and mattress so we can have the crib for Anti-Venom. I still haven’t really told anyone what we are having even though we’ve known since week 17. Like I said, I’ve been lazy.

I did buy newborn diapers on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales weekend. I also got the fabric for the Blanket I’m making A-V as well. I just need to get the Minky for the back. All nursery related things are on hold until we move yet again. We’ve finally got our House on base so we are moving again at the end of the week. Its fun fun stuff let me tell you. But at least I will be able to Relax a bit after the move since we will be there for a long while.

What I have been doing is putting more of an effort in to sewing and stocking my shop. If you haven’t stopped by my Facebook Page and/or its Blog. I’ve started making and offering Maternity clothing. Right now I am offering them at an introductory price Since I want to spread the word and test the fit of my designs.


This & That: Vintage Nautical

Over the last few months I’ve gone through a style transformation. I’ve started changing my wardrobe from the band tees to colored fitted tees and cardigans, from jeans to more skirts and dresses. Here a a few of my favorite Items as of right now.

LACE MAXI’S- I’m really loving the coverage these give. Having Venom running everywhere leads to not always being as ladylike as I want. Pair this with a Cardigan and you have an outfit fit for cool summer nights or spring/fall weddings.

SPERRY TOP SLIDERS-Baby Venom has some in the most adorable pink plaid. I am lusting after a few pairs. That a some TOMS.

STATEMENT JEWELRY- I have a Mom ring and a pink mustache ring I wear on a regular bases. I also have vintage costume jewelry that I wear, when not Packed away….   

Skirts and Khakis!- I’ve been making more skirts for myself to wear. And I got my first pair of Bermudas a few weeks ago.

Anything with an Anchor print.

Little Vintage Lovely.

If you saw my last post then you’ll know that I’ve been working on some epic little girls dresses. I thought I’d share and Tell a little about them.

Matching Bow ties. 

 This first one is a patchwork bubble hemmed dress. Its fully lined and has covered buttons down the back. It also has a matching Bow tie and Suspenders (not pictured, I forgot to snap a picture before mailing) for the little girls big brother and a Matching Headband for Momma.

Built in Pettiskirt

 I also made a Vintage inspired linen Pink Polka dot dress. This dress has a built in pettiskirt, full circle skirt for twirling, puffy sleeves and a zipper up the back. It too is fully lined and has finished seams. Once again it has a matching Bow tie for big brother.

Venom’s Birthday dress.

I also whipped up a birthday dress for Venom. She turned 1 on Monday. (oh my how time flies) I just appliqued a cupcake on a onesie and made a simple elastic skirt. I used leftover material from her diaperbag and some scraps I had. She got several compliments on her cute little outfit and Bow, (which was a Loopy bow from Bows by Tif) I am offering the Birthday outfits in my shop now as a semi custom, You chose your print and either Shorts or a skirt.


I’m sure everyone is still talking about last nights game, parts of which were complete BS! I’m not a football fan (or a sports fan for that matter) but I did watch the game with Mr. Sailor. His team, The Patriots, were playing. I only really watch for the commericals. which I didn’t really find amusing this year… its sad.I did watch the game, well parts when I wasnt playing with Venom. I’m glad that its over, I just wish my facebook feed wasnt still littered with trash talk. Lets move on to more important topics, like the fact the Valentines day is like a week away….! Do you Celebrate? if so what are you getting your SO?

I have a few new things that were listed in the Etsy. If you haven’t already seen them. They are some Iphon/ipod cases that clip on to your keychain. I’m still tweaking the pattern and design just a bit so there will be a few versions listed. I’ve got to finish the rest of my card cases and mail out the giveaway winners prizes. (teething spider baby makes things difficult..) I’ve also got an awesome Idea for this weeks tutorial.

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