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What’s in my Hospital Bag? 

Seeing as this is my third time in the delivery room, I’ve learned by now what to pack and not pack in my hospital bag since having Venom 4.5 years ago. While my due date (which is Friday!) is super close I have yet to pack my hospital bag this time. I have prepped few things that if for some reason things were to quickly start I can grab this is my what’s in my bag video.

The bag itself is a custom Brooke Van Gory Expedient Weekender. It’s amazingly well made and while there was a bit of a wait to have it made, it was well worth it. The print is a old Hollywood monster movie print. It has 2 large pockets on the outside as well as 2 elastic side pockets. Inside there is a zippered pocket and 4 large pockets as well. It’s super roomy and fits all of our must have items when out and about.

Toiletries: I picked up smaller travel bottles for my soap, shampoo and conditioner from target so that I can leave the large bottles at home. I used my silhouette to make some simple vinyl labels for them. Also in my toiletry bag is a travel toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, dry shampoo (for quick wash before family starts snapping photos), a sample size Kat Von D tattoo liner, EOS Chapstick, breastpads, deodorant and Dermoplast (seriously amazing stuff and worth having for after birth! Your hospital may have some for you so just ask if you forget but it can be found at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart).

Baby: For the most part I know I won’t have to worry about to much for the baby as the hospital has everything I need. I do pack 1-2 out fits in newborn and 0-3m size so that I know I will have a going home outfit to fit. I normally go home with more for the babies that I came in with. It is also nice to bring the boppy since I will be nursing it comes in handy to  rest my arms.

Me: for me I keep it simple. Included are a nursing bra or 2, underwear I don’t care about (though I do totally take advantage of the disposable pairs that the hospitals offer. I usually take several home with me. ),camis or easy to nurse in tops, sweatpants and socks. I don’t go all Duchess Kate with my going home outfit. I keep it comfortable. I also plan to take my tablet, charger and my cellphone so that I can alert the masses that the little one is here. My cell doubles as my camera, which auto backups to My Google Drive. Finally, I pack my planner and pen case so that I can fill out all the forms and paper work that happens. It’s also a safe spot to keep all that important documents so that they don’t get lost.

Pro tip: you may want to check out your hospital before hand to see if they have wifi and what there vending/food situation is so you know if you need change for those or a wireless air card. My hospital has vending machines that take credit cards as well as several dining choices. 

Daddy’s bag:  In our house, Daddy packs his own bag usually right before we head out to the hospital. His includes his PC for a way to watch movies or play a game, a change of clothing, his toothbrush and deodorant, phone, charger and headphones. We live super close to the hospital so we both know he can run home if needed.

I hope that you find this helpful when facing what to pack in your hospital bag. Remember it’s all about what works for you and your delivery. It’s always best to check with your hospital to see what they offer to you. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and channel to stay up to date on all my blogs and videos!

A Rant of sorts- What Condition do I have??

I have a huge pet peeve, being told I can not do something. As a child I was raised to be independent and self reliant. I hardly bitch when I’m sick or hurt. I know what needs to be done and how long it will take me to get said task done. In general, I really don’t like being told no. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Fast forward to now, here I am almost 9 months pregnant, still felling great and having a great pregnancy. I realize that my generation is quite different than others. So let me see if I can put this nicely. I’M PREGNANT, NOT CRIPPLED.  I have a Tiny human growing in me, not a life threatening tumor. So, please enlighten me, what condition do I have? Do I have cancer and I not know it? Did my Doctor call you to inform you instead of me? NO? I thought not. I am more than capable of doing things for myself and I don’t need to be babied. I have shit I have to get done (I.E. Cleaning the house, running errands, taking care of the animals, and running my business) I can’t rely on waiting for my husband to do it all.(Not to mention, I don’t think Mr. Sailor could handle my sewing machines) It make take me a bit longer but I will get it done. Done rush me and you better not tell me not to do it. I know what I can and can not handle. Its not like I’m going to go bench press 300lbs on a whim. (now it I regularly did so, that would be another thing completely) I do know that a basket of laundry, grocery and etc.. are not going to hurt me. 

As for the Cat litter restriction, while Yes, Mr. Sailor cleans out the cats. BUT I did some investigating, The parasite that doctors are worried about when it comes to cat shit, lives in it and must be ingested. I don’t know about you but eating cat poop is not on my list of yummy things to eat. that being said I would have to become so paranoid about what I was touching and whether other people were risking putting me in danger… I’d would have spent this whole pregnancy in a bio-hazard suit and a bubble. There is no reason to be that paranoid, just wash your hands and your good. Believe me, Mr. Sailor and I are probably helping Dial stay in the black… OHHH and that same parasite can live in sandwich meat and can affect everyone not just pregnant women….. HA!

The moral of this story, Don’t you dare say “well in your Condition, blah, blah, blah.” I’ll probably end up putting you in your place and telling you to F@#$ Off.

My week so far, in a nutshell…

Hello Lovelies,
How is your week treating you? Hopefully better than mine is treating me. Although I’ve had a super productive week (not productive enough to record a new tutorial this week… Next week promise). I’m pretty sure that I have started nesting. I had my first mini melt down on Monday in regards to Venom’s nursery not being completed yet. So I spent the day sewing up a storm. I did modify the quit just slightly and I’m almost done piecing the top. Tuesday was spent cleaning my downstairs. I swept and swiffered the floors, rearranged furniture (which I got a very disapproving look from Mr. Sailor for doing so), washed dishes and cleaned the Kitchen. Yesterday was spent cleaning our Suite and rounding up laundry so that once Mr. Sailor gets my dryer fixed I can do laundry again. I also had the joy of waiting for the Direct TV guy to drive out here, just so he could tell me we’re SOL and can’t get service because of one stupid tree limb. If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably saw my tweets about being upset. I really really dislike the service we’ve been receiving from Comcast. They’ve been very lazy in regards to fixing the issues we’re having. Today has been spent playing video games and trying to rack up more achievement points. I have like 2 achievements left until I complete Plants Vs. Zombies. I’m stuck at a point on Bayonetta so I’m taking a sabbatical from it.

Has anything exciting happened for you this week so far??

uhh…. Friday when did you get here???

Happy Friday!!!! I had planned on posting new pics of some of my new things today BUT my animals have decided to be royal pain in the butts. All 3 of them. I’ve only managed to do dishes, check mail, and redesign my blog layout and Etc… the rest of the time has been spent corraling them to do what I want them to do so I can do what I need to. Unfortunately Chi Chi insist on being under my feet or next to me when she’s not tormenting the Harley Quinn or Augustine.

Anyways, Constructive critism andcomment on the new design are welcome. Enjoy your weekend.

Guess the Sex- Old Wives Tales for Pregnancy

So by now if you follow me on twitter, Facebook or even this blog you may have noticed that I put up at poll to see what everyone else thinks Venom will be. If you haven’t done so please do, Thanks.  I had a comment on a bump photo on Facebook that had to do with an Old Wives Tale, so I decided to check out some of the Tales to see what they would predict. Some of them are just funny and make you go “wow, WTF.”

OWT 1.) Fetal Heart Rate- If its Lower than 140bpm its a Boy; Higher than 140bpm its a Girl.
OWT 2.) Carrying high or low- If your carrying High with a big round belly its a girl and if your carrying Low with a belly that sticks out its a Boy.
I really think this has to do with the Mummy to be’s body shape and torso length as well as were the baby is sitting.
OWT 3.) Areolea Color- If your Areolae (The area around your nipple.) have darkened, It’s a Boy. 
OWT 4.) Ring Test- Place your wedding ring on a string and if it swings back and forth its a Girl and if it moves in a circle its a Boy.
OWT 5.) Mummy to be’s face shape- If your face has become full and round its a girl. If its Long and Narrow its a Boy.
              – Boy. My face hasn’t really changed
OWT 6.) Key Test- Place a single key on a table. If you pick it up at the top (the part with the hole) Its a Boy, the Bottom its a Girl and in the middle its Twins.
OWT 7.) The Mayan tale- Add the mothers age at conception and the year of conception.  If the result is a even number then its a Girl, if the result is an odd number then its a Boy.
OWT 8.) Mummy’s Beauty- Its said that if the Mummy to be gets acne and complexion gets worse then she’s having a girl, who is stealing her Mummy’s beauty. If its a Boy she tends to “glow”. (this one makes me go WTF!)
OWT 9.) Cravings- Crave salty foods its a Boy. Crave sweets, fruits and orange juice its a Girl.
              – IDK. Seeing that I mostly want Sour or spicy things but I also want Cupcakes and Ice Cream….
OWT 10.) Skin under Left Eye- The eye test is when a “V” or “branches” appear when you pull down the skin under your left eye.  If you see a “V” or “branches” in the white part, you’re having a girl.  .
              – Girl
OWT 11.) Moodiness- If you are really moody its a Girl since you have another extra girl hormones in you. If your smiling and Happier then its because there’s a little Penis in you….. ( sorry I had to be Ornery….)
OWT 12.) Bread- if you eat the ends then its a Boy. If you only eat the middle then its a Girl.
OWT 13.) Baby Names- It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particular baby. Our Boy name came to us first and we really had to think about our girl name.

Girl- 5
Boy- 7

Its really a Toss up. There a fun way to try and guess but i really rather wait until Wednesday and see what the U/S tech says.

What are some silly and fun Wives tales you’ve heard of or tried??
And Please Vote in my Poll if you haven’t already!

Oh Monday Here You Are Again….

Oh, it’s Monday again.Where did the weekend go? It few by faster than a day in the life of my Sims (yup I’m a dork and play The Sims 2. Its an obsession and I can’t help it).I did enjoy my extra hour though, Mr. Sailor and I slept in,err… well kinda since Chi and the cats woke me up wanting food and to go out (Chi, not the cats). In better news Mr. Sailor and I only have a little over a week until our Big Important Ultrasound.  Hopefully Our little Villain cooperates and lets us see what He or She is. Then in 2 and a half weeks we’re moving…. again. I’m very excited about moving and can’t wait to be out of this tiny apartment (not that its really tiny but We had a 3 bedroom house before this.) So it will be spectacular to have my Sewing Studio back, err… kinda. Its still doubling as our guest room, as I can’t imagine making our family and friends share with Venom. We’ve got a busy holiday season and I hope I can survive it.

The Holidays are starting to show up everywhere, and while I don’t Celebrate Christmas, my family and friends(some) do. My to-do list seems to be getting longer… I may have to add it to the side to keep track of everything. First I’ll start with Packing….

Tata for now

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HK Hearts Mr. Sailor

Today I’m going to blog about my wonderfully amazing Husband. Some of you might read this and think that the honeymoon stage hasnt wore off, since we’ve barely been married 2 months. I’ve known Mr. Sailor since I was a Junior in High school. So lets see…. about 7 years now. Its funny how things work out because I seriously liked him (and He I) but the timing was ALWAYS bad. Looking back I never thought that I’d be married and truely Happy. Its nice to have some one who is supportive and loving. He also apreciates my need to look pretty and supplies a stream of lovely compliments (that I never have to ask for). He is simply amazing and I thank Goddess everyday that I have him. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. I really dont think anyone else would put up with my make-up/Fabric/Video game addictions. (although we both have video game addictions, We got a PS3 just for the Blu Ray and Little Big Planet…. not to mention the 2 Wii’s and the 360…) Just sayin….

its late and I want to go to sleep now, Soo Tata

A Week of Boring.

See that gorgeous little guy I’m holding, That is my nephew, Sunshine. He’s looking quite dashing in his Dress Blue romper (I think He was competing with Sailor, In who looks better in Uniform.) and Converse Socks. Excuse my horribly grown out roots, I’ve yet to be able to bleach them…. Soon.

Its been a slow couple of days. I really don’t have much to post. Life has been steady, nothing to major has happened for the last week (since my family left). My Wii fit and yoga mat have become my best friend. I’ve lost about 15lbs. I’m in complete love with the Wii Fit. It also feels good to get back in shape. I miss my abs (curse my vain-ness for wanting flat abs). My allergies have been bothering me so I haven’t been able to were much make-up so no make-up Monday this week. I’ve been sewing up a storm as of lately, so I will have a huge new item post coming up.

OHH! I almost forgot. In case you might have noticed, I changed my Twitter name. Sorry for the confusion but it was necessary.

And heres a great hint that a little old lady once told me about. Put a dash of ground Cinnamon or spice of your choice in with your coffee grounds and it adds flavor to your boring coffee… I use Cinnamon and I love it.

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