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Growing roots.

The best part about our “retirement” is that we finally have the chance to sit still and plant roots. After much discussion we settled on the amazing southwest. We’ve been here almost 3 weeks now and it’s been great. The days are warm, sunny and breezy. Which is amazing for February seeing as much of our family is dealing with tons of snow and ice. While the weather is amazing, the best part for me is finally having the chance to make a home. In our previous homes I’ve never decorated much for fear of having to turn right back around and take it down. I’ve found myself addicted to Pinterest searching for inspiration for rooms and my eventual garden. Our taste are very vintage eclectic. We love metal signage, bright colors and bold statement pieces. The house we are in has a few accent walls but they are brown on tan. A paint job is needed. This is kinda the look and feel I am going for.

Living room inspiration

Out with the Old in with the New.

Happy 2014!!!

2013 is officially over and gone. What a year it was. My life seemed to be in total and complete chaos at points and complete perfection at other. So is life I guess. Here are my top 5 best moments.

1. Celebrating another great year of marriage with my amazing husband.

2. Giving birth to my second beautiful baby girl.

3. Over coming and making the best of health situations.

4. Started The Diaper Wars (which turns ONE this month!!!)

5. Went to Boston/ Salem, MA/ DC and my first MLB Game (Woot woot Congrats to the Red Sox for winning the series.)


This Year is going to be even better. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to not sweat the small stuff. Everything happens for a reason even if we don’t know what the reason is. I have learned to live in the moment and take it one day at a time. Its defiantly something I want to continue on in to this year. That is my main goal. I also want to continue on with the blog(s) and growing the business. I’ve been researching new designs and resources available to me. I’m excited about whats to come.

As for this blog, now that I have mastered how to create digital PDF Patterns I plan to offer more on here as well as tutorials. I am also going to be doing a 52 photos in 52 weeks. its a weekly photo of my girls to show the change and progression as they grow. I may do Bones and I as well. Or make it a weekly family photo.


Have a wonderful and amazing New Year! Happy 2014

Weekly Wishes: Vacation Prep.

Wow, Last week was crazy busy for me. Lots of cleaning, celebrating and playing with Venom. This week is starting to be even crazier. More cleaning, Packing and preparing for Vacation that starts on Sunday. My darling Mr. Bones turns 30 next week so I am taking him to Boston for a Red Sox game. In turn he’s taking me to the Smithsonian on the way back home. I am so looking forward to the First Lady exhibit and seeing the first sewing machine, Ruby red slippers and the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals. Most of all I am excited to be creating memories with my husband and our Girls, even though Roo isn’t big enough to remember. My only wishes for this week are to have the house cleaned, us packed and ready to go before saturday so I can just sit and relax before leaving Sunday and to get a few tutorials photographed and set to post.

 I also have a bit of news to share, I was featured on the Action Hearing Loss UK blog about my battle and coping with Menieres Disease. You can read the article here. 
What are your Weekly Wishes? Anything exciting happening this week for you?
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Weekly goals: sewing the distance

Yesterday was chaotic so this is a day late. It seems that my not so darling dog has a thing for snacking on my pot holders. Sadly I am out of heat resistant batting so I resorted to going to Kmart to get a few. I was able to snag 2 Paula Deen ones for the price of one other brand. This past weekend was filled with family fun. The girls and I fabric shopped.

I got these lovely fabrics. 

Then Vy and the Mr. painted a canvas for her room. She loves painting now. She is continuously asking to paint.
I’m setting 5 goals for this week.
To finish 2 designs that I’ve started. 
To create a new tidy and fun look for the blog. 
Create a dress for Vy and Ry
Start working on 2 morrow designs. 
Share all of this on here. 
I know some seem repetitive but I want to start sewing and listing more items on SewAnna Button Designs ( ). I want this to happen weekly. Though in 2 weeks I will be prepping for vacation. I am hoping to keep it up and offer more. 

Pre Weekend Goal update

Wow, its Friday already I can’t believe how quickly the week went by. I managed to start achieveing my goals by cleaning up my business binder and started organizing my office (again) It gets messy very quicly so I always find myself re cleaning and organizing it instead of just sitting and sewing. In the mist of my cleaning I found fabric that I had forgot I had (Oops) I found some lovely green plaid that is just begging to become a shirt. I have a design in mind I just need to get to work on it.

 Last week my Chalkboard and Dry erase Vinyl buttons from AKM Vinyl Designs came in the mail. I purchased some Album frames to put them on and frame a few of my favorite fabric pieces behind them. They are now proudly hanging above my computer desk in the office. I am so pleased with them.

My 3rd button is on my Business binder. It needed so serious pizzaz. Since I jazzed up my binder I am redoing the inside as well but more about that in another post.

I also managed to get my littlest into a RUB with my new table cloth conversion shorty.
I was proud and it came with sleepy dust as she went to sleep while in it. 

What are everyone’s plans for the weekend?


Setting goals.

Mmmm bacon……

Another weekend gone to quickly. It was a lazy weekend. My Ménière’s flared up again which left me mostly laying in bed. I did manage to sew and package up orders. I just need to print postage so that they can be shipped out this evening. I got a custom for a shipmate of Mr’s done as well. I also made the most amazing Dr. Pepper BBQ brisket and BBQ brisket pizza.

This morning was spent working this weeks todo list. I scrubbed down my kitchen, dinning room and living rooms. I still need to work on the upstairs which will likely take a few days as I want to reorganize the office and start inventorying my supplies. I am using the business printable pack by A Pleasent Surprise Studio (can be found on etsy and Facebook). I help develop the pack with Nicole and have been using it for some time now. It’s a great way to keep your business orgainzed. It’s my goal to have it all nicely organized by my birthday in 2 weeks. It will take me that long to organize my fabric! I swear I’m a few yards away from being on hoaders! Ha ha! There will be lots of doctor who to help accomplish this.
Also on my goal list is to finish my newest designs. I just need to have a few hours at the sewing machine to get them done.
I currently have an item up for auction on the Auction Junkies Facebook page. It is a ooak holiday apron. It currently has 1 bid and is super cheap at $15. I only had enough fabric to make one so its completely one of a kind.
I feel I have far more goals the space to list. The other major goal for this week is to set up ad space on here. 
What are your goals or plans for this week?