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Project galore.

This week was a work week. I have been designing away on a few new designs. One of which is not quite finished yet. The finished one is a new toddler backpack.  It’s smaller in size to fit perfectly on their little backs.  It will hold necessities easily and has velcro closures for toddler ease of access.

The unfinished is a revision of my former Sooki dress.  Grading up patterns tend to take some time and testing to perfect. I do have a small peak.

The final new project I’ve been working on is with Bones. We have been designing a custom ring wrap for my engagement ring. Since its been 4 years is time I get an actual wedding band.  Pictured is my prototype. This was before final changes and metal casting.

Photography classes Online.

I am a huge craft junkie. I love to create in any way possible. Recently its been with photos. With 2 ever growing girls I try to capture as much as I can. Thats why when I heard that Craftsy is now offering online photography courses I got excited. I took photography in highschool but barely remember learning anything from it. I mostly used it as a way to wander the halls and take photos of my friends and I. Now flash forward 10 years, I want to take amazing photos for keepsakes but don’t have the time to go to a class at the college here in town. This is where Craftsy comes in. For a smaller price I can take a class at home in my own time (hello, Naptime!) and learn all about F-stops and Apertures. They have about 4 different photography courses. THe one I can’t wait to take is the Shoot It: Product Photography Class. As a WAHM one of the major issues I am always dealing with is taking product photos.

Craftsy also offers a growing selection of other classes as well from Cake decorating to Sewing and more. All of their courses are taught via video by some of the best in the fields. the classes never expire and you can go back and watch them as many times as you’d like from wherever you have an internet access.

The Class is currently 40% off as well!

This is an affiliate post. All opinions are my own.

Weekly Wishes: Vacation Prep.

Wow, Last week was crazy busy for me. Lots of cleaning, celebrating and playing with Venom. This week is starting to be even crazier. More cleaning, Packing and preparing for Vacation that starts on Sunday. My darling Mr. Bones turns 30 next week so I am taking him to Boston for a Red Sox game. In turn he’s taking me to the Smithsonian on the way back home. I am so looking forward to the First Lady exhibit and seeing the first sewing machine, Ruby red slippers and the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals. Most of all I am excited to be creating memories with my husband and our Girls, even though Roo isn’t big enough to remember. My only wishes for this week are to have the house cleaned, us packed and ready to go before saturday so I can just sit and relax before leaving Sunday and to get a few tutorials photographed and set to post.

 I also have a bit of news to share, I was featured on the Action Hearing Loss UK blog about my battle and coping with Menieres Disease. You can read the article here. 
What are your Weekly Wishes? Anything exciting happening this week for you?
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Another year older.



If you didnt notice, we’ve moved. I went ahead and switched to WordPress. I use it for my other site, Diaper Wars so I felt that it was only natural. Some of the site is under construction as I get it to where I want it to be. With this switch I am going to be selling some sponsor ad space at an opening sale price. If you’re interested please check out the Sponsor page.

I know that I was quite this week but I spent the beginning cleaning up my house and prepping for our upcoming vacation. Then on Friday it was my birthday and I spent it setting up the site here some and with the girls and Mr. Bones I had a wonderfully uneventful 27th birthday full of snuggles, kisses and coloring with Venom. No presents since We are taking vacation and that is a joint gift for Mr. Bones and I.

This morning was spent chatting with other cloth diapering momma’s. It was a fun time at the monthly meeting. Now its time to sew sew sew. I have dresses to mend, draft and sew.