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Dreaming of spring.

The weather has been so up and down lately. Its currently hailing/Snowing/Railing here in NC. It was 60 degrees last week. Needless to say that I am not amused Mother Nature. All of this cold and dreary weather has left me longing for spring and a new cute spring wardrobe. I’ve been slowly cranking out new spring designs and now that its fashion week I’m glad that my designs are following the very tailored trend that most designers were showing. I am loving Lela Rose’s Fall collection.

As far as my own designs I have a new design, Sooki and the Little Sooki. A mommy and me design. Its a open backed wrap dress with Sweetheart neckline.

minisooki-front miniSooki-back1 1531585_10151929606837199_180524682_oBoth sizes are going to be coming in Prints and Solids. The Woman’s size has buttons for closures. The Little Sooki has a Multi Snap closure to ensure that the child can’t remove them.

Also added to the shop is Skirt Extenders. These are your Granny’s slips, Made especially for adding much need length to a too short skirt or dress. They have a print or lace at the hem to add length and flare to any Skirt. They come in both Ladies and Girls sizes.

For the Little Lad I am listing backpacks, and a boys shirt and ties. There is also more Ladies wear design coming as soon as they are done being drafted.

Project galore.

This week was a work week. I have been designing away on a few new designs. One of which is not quite finished yet. The finished one is a new toddler backpack.  It’s smaller in size to fit perfectly on their little backs.  It will hold necessities easily and has velcro closures for toddler ease of access.

The unfinished is a revision of my former Sooki dress.  Grading up patterns tend to take some time and testing to perfect. I do have a small peak.

The final new project I’ve been working on is with Bones. We have been designing a custom ring wrap for my engagement ring. Since its been 4 years is time I get an actual wedding band.  Pictured is my prototype. This was before final changes and metal casting.

Weekly Venom Update- 33 weeks

33 weeks and miserible… :(
the quilt that is awaiting binding

First, I want to take a minute to say Hello and Welcome to my wonderful new readers. Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings. Secondly, I’m just a little late getting this posted. I’ve had more of an urge to sew or clean than to be on the computer. I spent Monday night cleaning my studio and organizing patterns…. I have 57+ patterns, those are just the commerical patterns. I probably have about another 20 that I’ve drafted myself. Tuesday was spent finishing the quilt blocks for Venom’s quilt and Wednesday was spent quilting it. I still have to add the binding and label. Yesterday was spent relaxing and cutting out a prom dress. This morning has been spent cleaning my livingroom/ dining room/ Kitchen and yelling at my cats that keep messing it up. Venom’s kitten Harley likes to throw her toys about and swim in her water bowl (which she is way to big for). While Mr. Sailor’s cat would rather track litter all over our wood floors. I’ve swept the floor 3+ times now… I’m about over sweeping the floor.

The crib and Bumpers.

As far as Venom herself goes, she is doing wonderful. She’s still really active but her hits and kicks aren’t as intense. She still kicks at her Poppa and Harley (the kitten has set “snuggle” times in which she lays on my stomach and gets kicks. The cat loves it for some weird reason.) It became official that I no longer have a belly button, its just flat smooth skin, although there are 3 dimples, 2 from my piercing and 1 that is the center of my button. I’ve come to hate clothing and want to wear as little as possible. shoes have become unnecessary and difficult to put on and take off. Sleep rarely happens and I’m constantly tired. I realize that this is only the beginning and I’m some what okay with that but would like to get some sleep now. In my cleaning spree I’ve managed to wash her clothes ( I still need to put away.) and clean up her Lair some.  The pack ‘n Play is still up there and will come back down stairs at the end of the month/ beginning of March (I had a tough time getting it to snap together and didn’t want to take it down again..) So until then her lair is a bit cramped on space but coming together nicely. I only have a few simple things left to make. I’m still stalking waiting for the UPS man and the USPS man to grace my front door with packages that I’m waiting on. I’ve already recieved the inserts for her diapers and now I’m waiting on the diapers. My sisters and Mother in law have or will be sending of packages as well. So that’s my 33week in a nutshell, Hopefully Only less than 7 more to go.

Lastly, If you could please take a minute to rank my blog on Top Mommy  Blogs. The link can be found at the top of the page on the right. Thank you so much! Enjoy your weekend.

What I’ve Been Working On.

 You may have noticed my lack of posts this week. That’s because I’ve been super busy sewing and creating fun things. So I thought it would be nice to show what I’ve been working on.

 Cloth Diapers. Currently I’m making Newborn size covers to go over the prefolds I plan on using at first. I also plan on making some pockets and larger sizes as well as buying a few one size hybrids. I’m planning a post about cloth diapers in the near future so stay tuned.

V’s Diaper Bag. I’m really really happy with how great it turned out. I still have about half a yard left of the print and I’m planning a bag to go in the shop and possible a diaper or two.

I also finished the Owl Print Diaper bag, it’s listed here. Its OOAK so once its gone, it’s gone….

Other than that I’ve been working on crib bumpers, (which I’m going to go finish sewing then stuff after I’ done with this.) a light fixture for the nursery, and a few new dresses for her wardrobe.

 So thats all. Hope you enjoy.

Baby Crafty Goodness

I’ve noticed a lack of craft/sewing related posts happening lately. I’m trying very hard to fix that, starting with this post. While the Holidays have taken me away from my sewing machine, I’ve been working on more portable things, I.E. Crocheting baby hats. I’ve made 3 so far. They have been extremely simple. Each one has taken under 2 hours to make. The black and the green one used the Basic Baby Beanie from the blog Inner Child Crochet
The Pink one, I designed the pattern myself after seeing several baby pictures with a similar style of hat. The pattern and a tutorial will be posted for Tutorial Thursday, so check back for that.