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What’s in my Hospital Bag? 

Seeing as this is my third time in the delivery room, I’ve learned by now what to pack and not pack in my hospital bag since having Venom 4.5 years ago. While my due date (which is Friday!) is super close I have yet to pack my hospital bag this time. I have prepped few things that if for some reason things were to quickly start I can grab this is my what’s in my bag video.

The bag itself is a custom Brooke Van Gory Expedient Weekender. It’s amazingly well made and while there was a bit of a wait to have it made, it was well worth it. The print is a old Hollywood monster movie print. It has 2 large pockets on the outside as well as 2 elastic side pockets. Inside there is a zippered pocket and 4 large pockets as well. It’s super roomy and fits all of our must have items when out and about.

Toiletries: I picked up smaller travel bottles for my soap, shampoo and conditioner from target so that I can leave the large bottles at home. I used my silhouette to make some simple vinyl labels for them. Also in my toiletry bag is a travel toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, dry shampoo (for quick wash before family starts snapping photos), a sample size Kat Von D tattoo liner, EOS Chapstick, breastpads, deodorant and Dermoplast (seriously amazing stuff and worth having for after birth! Your hospital may have some for you so just ask if you forget but it can be found at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart).

Baby: For the most part I know I won’t have to worry about to much for the baby as the hospital has everything I need. I do pack 1-2 out fits in newborn and 0-3m size so that I know I will have a going home outfit to fit. I normally go home with more for the babies that I came in with. It is also nice to bring the boppy since I will be nursing it comes in handy to  rest my arms.

Me: for me I keep it simple. Included are a nursing bra or 2, underwear I don’t care about (though I do totally take advantage of the disposable pairs that the hospitals offer. I usually take several home with me. ),camis or easy to nurse in tops, sweatpants and socks. I don’t go all Duchess Kate with my going home outfit. I keep it comfortable. I also plan to take my tablet, charger and my cellphone so that I can alert the masses that the little one is here. My cell doubles as my camera, which auto backups to My Google Drive. Finally, I pack my planner and pen case so that I can fill out all the forms and paper work that happens. It’s also a safe spot to keep all that important documents so that they don’t get lost.

Pro tip: you may want to check out your hospital before hand to see if they have wifi and what there vending/food situation is so you know if you need change for those or a wireless air card. My hospital has vending machines that take credit cards as well as several dining choices. 

Daddy’s bag:  In our house, Daddy packs his own bag usually right before we head out to the hospital. His includes his PC for a way to watch movies or play a game, a change of clothing, his toothbrush and deodorant, phone, charger and headphones. We live super close to the hospital so we both know he can run home if needed.

I hope that you find this helpful when facing what to pack in your hospital bag. Remember it’s all about what works for you and your delivery. It’s always best to check with your hospital to see what they offer to you. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and channel to stay up to date on all my blogs and videos!

Bump Watch 2.0- 27weeks.

This pregnancy, I’ve been really lazy with the updating, taking pictures and even doing baby related things. Given we dont need much this time around just newborn diapers, a carseat, and Venom needs a toddler bed and mattress so we can have the crib for Anti-Venom. I still haven’t really told anyone what we are having even though we’ve known since week 17. Like I said, I’ve been lazy.

I did buy newborn diapers on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales weekend. I also got the fabric for the Blanket I’m making A-V as well. I just need to get the Minky for the back. All nursery related things are on hold until we move yet again. We’ve finally got our House on base so we are moving again at the end of the week. Its fun fun stuff let me tell you. But at least I will be able to Relax a bit after the move since we will be there for a long while.

What I have been doing is putting more of an effort in to sewing and stocking my shop. If you haven’t stopped by my Facebook Page and/or its Blog. I’ve started making and offering Maternity clothing. Right now I am offering them at an introductory price Since I want to spread the word and test the fit of my designs.


Maternity Fashion:22 week bump.

I’m not sure why but this never posted weirdness. So here it is better late than

This time around I’ve been working with what I have available in mine and Mr. Sailors closet. I do plan on finding some long sleeve tops but have yet to find any that are $15 for a plain long sleeve tee. Super ridiculous for something so simple. I’m thing it may come down to me making them an I did find a patter/tute but I’m not sure I want to go that route just yet.

Anyhoo, style has been about comfort an warmth. It’s colder here than I’ve experienced in a while so bundling up is a most somedays. I’ve snagged a sweater and hoodie for the Mr. I have jeans from Venom’s pregnancy that I’ve been wearing some but can still fit most of my jeans with the use of my tummy bands (I made those last pregnancy too. ) or the rubber bad trick. I have been working on a pant extender but haven’t gotten it just how I want it just yet. Other staples are:

Dresses: Empire waist dresses or even Blouses are nice for being able to grow with you. I prefer Maxi length as there comes a time when I dont want to/ can’t shave my legs so they hide them.

Elastic Waisted skirts- They are super comfortable and non constricting which is a must. I also have a few Maxi skirts.

Cardigans- For bundling. They are easy to take on and off when hot flashes hit.

Tights or knee highs- for under skirts and dresses.

Layering with a tank & wool sweater w/Maternity jeans

Hair accessories- most days I’m to tired from being up all night with Venom that I dot want to go full glam Momma mode, bows and headbands add just the right extra so it doesn’t seem like I’ve over slept and not done anything all day. (All of my bows and head bands I’ve made myself. Bows and headbands can be found in my shop or by contacting me, if your looking for some.)

Belly bands or tanks.- for days I do wear jeans I usually pair them with an undershirt so that the unbuttoned part of the zip doesn’t show. They are handy for postpartum nursing in public too! You can find them pretty cheap right now due to it being Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.


OOPS He did it again…

I’ve been absent for a bit and its for a good reason. I’m Pregnant. I’m 18weeks and up until a few weeks ago I could barely manage anything. My morning sickness is gone for the most part. It was the worst. I couldn’t function with out zofran and mints to help with the nausea. This pregnancy is completely different then Venom’s. With her it was easy, no morning sickness or anything.

Mr. Sailor and I are ecstatic and can’t wait to have another little one running around. Though if Anti Venom is as smart as Venom, we are doomed. More on her later though.


Waiting….. At 39 Weeks.

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 Dear Venom,

My darling little symbiont, while I’ve enjoyed most of the experience of you growing inside of me. Please consider this your final eviction notice. Your lease is up on Tuesday, however there have been some questionable practices going on in your dwelling place for a few days now. This includes (but are not limited to), painful contractions that don’t end up in labor. Both Poppa and I have decided that it is time for you to get out. We can’t wait to meet you and hold you. You have 24 hours to vacate the premises or your landlord may have to forcefully remove you.

Thank you for your cooperation,

We have hit 39 weeks…. And the waiting is in full effect, it feels like this is going on forever. I think I’ve repacked the hospital bags like 3 or 4 times now… not to mention there is not much left to clean in my house. I just have daily chores to do… I’ve received all of the packages I was waiting on. I have 2 reviews planned for when she finally takes Mummy and Poppa’s eviction notice seriously.

I was lurking on Diaper Sewing Diva’s Proboard and some one was talking about Sweet Cheeks Cloth Diaper detergent. So being the curious person that I am. I checked out her Etsy and ordered a sample size to try. I ordered a sample of the Buttercream Cupcake, because you can’t go wrong with cupcake scented laundry soap… I plan on doing a full review once I use it. (I’ve already prepped her diapers with Rockin Green Detergent. Which I need to write up a review for as well)

I also was lucky enough to snag a Tester diaper from Oeko Popo Diapers. Its a seriously cute diaper. Jules, make one sized pocket diapers unlike any of the others I’ve seen.Check out her facebook page and keep an eye out for the review. Its coming eventually…. 2.5 weeks tops…

My Birth Plan….

I’m going Natural….. No, I’ve not lost my marbles. From the start I knew I that I didn’t want an Epidural. Now, I’ve heard that “there so wonderful”, “you don’t feel a thing”. To be honest, I want to feel it. (yes you read that right, I want to feel pain.) Now, normally I’m a pain-free kinda gal, but with labor I want to know what its like. I also got to researching everything I could in regards to it.

I’m not scared of a natural birth. None of it frightens me. Now, what does scare the living daylights out of me are the words: “induction”, “C-Section” and Epidural…

Lets start with Epidural shall we. Why does it frighten me? Well, lets see. Yes it makes you blissfully pain free but you are also stuck laying on your back for goddess knows how long. Laying on your back or in the C position (the one where you scrunch up in to a C shape.) are very bad positions to labor in. They make it more difficult to get the baby out since it makes the birth canal smaller. Did I mention your stuck like that until the baby arrives? I don’t want to be stuck in an uncomfortable postion. I want nothing ore than the freedom to move as I please.

Inductions: they scare me because you are forcing your body to do something its not yet prepared to do. Let me not forget to mention, the contractions are constant and immediately intense. Unlike natural contractions that are a slow progression. My final reason, More often than not, it leads to Epi’s and C-Sections.

C-Sections are major surgery… I understand that sometimes they are required and necessary. I fully get that there might be a legit medical reason that I would need one, But let me be perfectly blunt and honest here Its become a “fashion trend”. Yes I mean it. There are women that chose the day they like and schedule a section like its an appointment to the salon. I’ve never had major surgery, and the thought of it is scary, especially when you think about what can happen.

In general, my birth plan is very “crunchy” for a hospital birth. I plan to labor at home until I absolutely have to go in. My Darling Mister Sailor has worked L&D so I have a little guidance in that regard. Not to mention I’m less than 1min from the hospital. So I’m really in no hurry.

I plan to change positions as often as I want, use water for pain management and take advantage of the birthing balls they have available. Little Venom will not get a pacifier, formula, or gripe water.

I fully understand that this is all contingent on V and I being healthy and okay. I know things can happen to make my wishes fly out the window but at least I’m going to try.

Getting ready, My Journey into Couponing.

Things have been productive and busy lately. I spent the weekend cleaning the house and preparing my meal plan for the next 2 and Half weeks. I started cooking last night and managed to freeze 2 meals, I still need to cook and prep some more today and I should be done with that for a bit.
Here’s my list of what I’m freezing and if your interested I’ll share the recipes too:
Quesadilla Casserole
Turkey and bean burritos
Saucy Broccoli Bake
French Bread pizza
Taco Pie

I also have several easy to make meals stocked in my pantry. So that my cooking time is not as long as it usually is. With all of my meal planning I was able to start couponing more. Mister Sailor and I caught the last half of the TLC show/special (it debuts April 6th at 9 and they are airing 2 episodes.) Extreme Couponing. We both were very interested in it and I started looking in to how its done. We shop at the Commissary, which makes it a little more challenging but still worth it.

I only saved a little bit on this trip, a whole $5.55. I was limited on what coupons I could find and had. Since moving on Base we don’t receive the coupons inserts in the mail. I only used what I could find online and at the Commy. I think I did really well since I spent less than I usually do.

 If your interested in Couponing, I suggest checking out I’ve found the site to be super helpful. It even list different stores and there current sales and deals. Also it tells you where and how to get coupons.

Ok I need to go be somewhat productive….. I’ll be back later with your Weekly Venom update and a few other post…. OH yea, I’m prepping those too, lol.

Time Flies….

Holy Batman! I just looked at the calendar and realized that its the last day of February. This realization kinda makes me go in to panic mode. I have to many things to accomplish in the next few weeks. I really should update that to-do list I have…

Mr. Sailor and I attended a Prepared Childbirth class this past Saturday. It was interesting to say the least. It was nice to be able to learn  some of the Hospitals procedures and protocols. In typical fashion the class sported the one completely obnoxious guy that acted as if we were in 6th grade health class. He kept cracking dumb jokes and trying to be funny. I really feel for the instructor since she must see it on a regular basis. Obnoxious guy aside, the class was informative and it was nice for me to see the L&D and Maternity Wards (Mr. Sailor sees them all the time…. ).

Sunday was spent being lazy. I just didnt have it in me to be productive in any way other than playing The Sims 3 on Playstation3. Although I did manage to start washing the diaper inserts that I have done. I’m currently waiting on a box of supplies so I can make some more soakers and covers. From what I’ve read there has been some issues with the company. Hopefully I’ll have my order soon.

If you follow my Facebook page, then you might have seen that I’m going to start offering children’s Items. Ive been working on patterns and researching the regulations. Its all slightly mind blowing, but some of it is insightful. I hope to get a few more designs and patterns worked up soon.

Happy Monday!

Weekly Venom Update- 35 Weeks

We’re in the home stretch. We currently only have about 33 days until Venom makes her arrival. That means Mummy here doesnt have much time to finish all her projects. The quilt is basically done and I’m just finishing the handstitching on it. I have a Boppy cover and crib skirt to still make, Diapers to prep, and clothes to put away.
I had my lactation class last Wednesday. It was very informative even though I didn’t care for the instructor much. Some of the info I did know from the internet and books that I’ve read. I’m really looking forward to the Prepared Childbirth class Mr. Sailor and I have this Saturday. It goes over labor and basics. Also if Labor and Delivery isn’t busy we get a tour. Mr. Sailor has already seen the L&D ward since he has to give shots to the new mommies but I really want to see it. Venom and I are starting out biweekly doctor’s visits, we went yesterday and everything is great. She’s measuring right were she needs to be. My doctor did inform me that because of how big Mr. Sailor was as a newborn and how big I was, she expects Little Miss Venom to be like 8lbs or more… I don’t know about you, but really do you think I’m going to be able to carry a baby that big. this is just an estimate and I hope for my Vain little brain that its wrong. I already can’t look at the scale when there, it makes me so sad…. But I digress.

Any hoo. Everything else is the same as last week. Since we’re getting down to the wire, I thought I’d share the Pool like again. If you haven’t made your guesses yet, please go there and do so. Its free and painless. plus it amuses me to look at the guesses…. Clicky here to guess

Me Monday: New things in the works

I’ve been quite again only because Mr. Sailor was on Leave last week and I was trying to spend time with hi since our Venom free time is coming to an end. I also spent the week cleaning the house so I can happily say that I a all caught up on all chores. I’m happy about the prospect of sewing all week. This morning was spent running errands so that this evening I can sit and work on finishing Venom’s quilt that I’ve put on the back burner. I have lots of things to show you guys but it keeps raining and I cant seem to get decent pictures. As soon as I can get the photos new things will be shared and listed. My one major goal this year is to work harder at S.B. Designs13. Ok well I need to go prep some purses. Stay tuned for the new things that are coming this week.

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