What’s in my Hospital Bag? 

Seeing as this is my third time in the delivery room, I’ve learned by now what to pack and not pack in my hospital bag since having Venom 4.5 years ago. While my due date (which is Friday!) is super close I have yet to pack my hospital bag this time. I have prepped few things that if for some reason things were to quickly start I can grab this is my what’s in my bag video.

The bag itself is a custom Brooke Van Gory Expedient Weekender. It’s amazingly well made and while there was a bit of a wait to have it made, it was well worth it. The print is a old Hollywood monster movie print. It has 2 large pockets on the outside as well as 2 elastic side pockets. Inside there is a zippered pocket and 4 large pockets as well. It’s super roomy and fits all of our must have items when out and about.

Toiletries: I picked up smaller travel bottles for my soap, shampoo and conditioner from target so that I can leave the large bottles at home. I used my silhouette to make some simple vinyl labels for them. Also in my toiletry bag is a travel toothbrush and paste, mouthwash, dry shampoo (for quick wash before family starts snapping photos), a sample size Kat Von D tattoo liner, EOS Chapstick, breastpads, deodorant and Dermoplast (seriously amazing stuff and worth having for after birth! Your hospital may have some for you so just ask if you forget but it can be found at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart).

Baby: For the most part I know I won’t have to worry about to much for the baby as the hospital has everything I need. I do pack 1-2 out fits in newborn and 0-3m size so that I know I will have a going home outfit to fit. I normally go home with more for the babies that I came in with. It is also nice to bring the boppy since I will be nursing it comes in handy to  rest my arms.

Me: for me I keep it simple. Included are a nursing bra or 2, underwear I don’t care about (though I do totally take advantage of the disposable pairs that the hospitals offer. I usually take several home with me. ),camis or easy to nurse in tops, sweatpants and socks. I don’t go all Duchess Kate with my going home outfit. I keep it comfortable. I also plan to take my tablet, charger and my cellphone so that I can alert the masses that the little one is here. My cell doubles as my camera, which auto backups to My Google Drive. Finally, I pack my planner and pen case so that I can fill out all the forms and paper work that happens. It’s also a safe spot to keep all that important documents so that they don’t get lost.

Pro tip: you may want to check out your hospital before hand to see if they have wifi and what there vending/food situation is so you know if you need change for those or a wireless air card. My hospital has vending machines that take credit cards as well as several dining choices. 

Daddy’s bag:  In our house, Daddy packs his own bag usually right before we head out to the hospital. His includes his PC for a way to watch movies or play a game, a change of clothing, his toothbrush and deodorant, phone, charger and headphones. We live super close to the hospital so we both know he can run home if needed.

I hope that you find this helpful when facing what to pack in your hospital bag. Remember it’s all about what works for you and your delivery. It’s always best to check with your hospital to see what they offer to you. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog and channel to stay up to date on all my blogs and videos!