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Planned Chaos August 2015 Unboxing

This is the elusive Planned chaos Planner Goodie subscription box. I was on the wait list for 9 months and finally was able to move up to get a spot this month.

the wait list is currently closed but you can shop her Etsy, (her shop is currently on vacation.

Included in this months box was 5 sheets of stickers plus 1 small sampler, 2 washi samples and some candy.


Stickers are from:

One Orange Snowflake:

Oh So Pretty Planner:

Two Little Sparkles:

I am not sure but I do believe the Donut sheet is from her shop and exclusive to just this box. There is no shop name on it so I am unsure.

The box is $24.50 a month and like I said it has a waitlist.

Join the Group and the waitlist:

My Thoughts, Its a good selection of “popular” stickers shops for the price but the wait-list is the only CON. Like I said it took me about 9 months to get on the active subscription list. If you don’t mind waiting then I say hop on it and wait.


Disclaimer: I paid for this Subscription. All thoughts and promotions are my own.

Quick and Easy Planner Case Tutorial

Planner Case
While I love my SewAnna Button Designs Fabric Cover for my planner sometimes I just don’t want the bulk or I need something slimmer for in my bag. Being a mommy of (almost) 3 I usually end up with everything under the sun in my bag. Its not practical to just throw it in my bag and go. Solution is this, an Accordion file folder wrap cover.



Accordion folder you don’t mine cutting up.


1/8″ Hole Punch



Planner or Planner covers



  1. Remove the guts from the inside of the folder. you can throw this away or you can use it to make pockets in the inside of the cover if you’d like. (another tutorial for another time)
  2. Lay it as flat as you can and Trace the front cover to the non Flap section on the file. Trace the back cover from about the second crease line down from the flap. Trace the hole marks too!
  3. Cut out the covers and punch your holes. After that is done cut the slits to make the cover interchangeable.
  4. Measure 1.25″ over from the holes and about 3/4″ from top and bottom on the front cover. These are your elastic holes, punch them just like you did the others. Snag elastic from the folder waste and thread it in the holes.
  5. Put it on your planner and Enjoy!
  6. Optional: Dress it up with a monogram or Vinyl decal and Share on IG tagging @SewAnnaButton (thats Me!)


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