Recipe: Taco Bake

Tacobake mainWe eat tacos a lot. I mean like at least once a week sometimes more. Venom loves tacos and Taco bell. Everytime we pass on she thinks we need to stop and get a taco. This recipe was created after trying to think up a different way to serve tacos. Its a variation of Taco Pie that my Step-Mom made when I was younger. Its now a family favorite that when made leaves no leftovers. Its easily adaptable to your food preferences. this is my base recipe and I change it up from time to time. Add what you want. I’ve added rice, olives, jalapenos, topped with lettuce, crumbled corn chips and more.



Recipe: Taco Bake


1lb ground beef

2tbsp taco seasoning

1can Rotel tomatoes

half of a medium onion

1 can of refried beans

1- 2cup package of  cheddar cheese

3 or 4 tortillas

9×9 baking dish

1.) cook ground beef until brown. While meat cooks Heat up Refried beans in a pan.

2.) dice onion and add to beef. Cook until edges become translucent.

3.) Drain liquid from tomatoes and mix with meat and onions.

4.) sprinkle taco seasoning over meat. mix until all incorporated.

5.)lightly grease baking dish before placing a tortilla in the bottom.

6.) Spread with refried beans

7.) add a layer of meat (I used about have of the meat mix)

8.) Add Cheese.

9.) Top with Tortilla and repeat for a second layer. ( you can add more than 2 layers but my pan fits 2 nicely)

10. Top with a generous heap of cheese.

11.) put in oven for 10-15 mins. Cheese should be melted and tortillas golden brown.

12.) Serve and Enjoy. Garnish as you wish.


  • Becki @ Happy Card Factory

    We were planning on having taco tonight. This recipe looks delicious, we may have to change up our plans a little bit. Thanks for sharing your recipe!! Signing in from the SITS Tribe Building Challenge. :)

    • Kae @ I Should Have Sewn

      Let me know if you try it. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Casey Gainey

    I have taco night about once a week too. This sounds like a great recipe. Think I will try to make it vegetarian. Glad we are in the same tribe!

    • Kae @ I Should Have Sewn

      the Vegetarian version is delicious. I do homemade refried beans, rice, peppers, and onions.

      thanks for stopping by.

  • Irresistible Pets

    This looks delicious! This is definitely something I would cook! I’m pinning this for future reference! Stopping by from the SITS Tribe Challenge. Looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you!