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Thanksgiving Thankfullness

Wow, what a day. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful thanksgiving. I just wanted to take a moment and share pics of my outfit and necklace as well as taking a moment to say what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for the friends and Family that make my world a brighter and better place. You’ve stood with me through all the good and picked me up and held my hand through all the bad. I love you all and I really should tell you more often. So to MawMaw, PawPaw, Mommy, Kasey, Tiffy, Ashley,Ashley, My Darlings, Uncle Frank, Aunt Jessie, and Bubby Nick; Thank you. You all inspire me to be so much more and so much better than I already am. I’m truly Blessed.

I hope that in the next year I have so much more to be thankful and blessed to have.

Now the good stuff, The stuff I made.
The shirt/dress is a Batwing dress made from T-Shirt Jersey and is so comfy. I cant wait to make more!It seems I didnt take a good pic of me necklace, so I’ll have to post that later.

Happy thanksgiving!!

Au Revoir!!

magic or poor placement?

Ive always been one to wish on eyelashes and stars. well a year ago while on vacation my not so little sister bought me one of those wish bracelets. needless to say I made my wish and tied the thing to my ankle. She bought herself one just like it and put it on at the same time I did mine. then a month later hers was gone and mine still going strong. now this thing has last a year with no fraying, or beads falling off. That was until last week, I looked at it and noticed that finally it was fraying. I was starting to wonder if I’d ever get that wish, not that I remember what it was. Anyways, I looked at it yesturday and a bead had fallen off and then today two more were gone. I have just 3 left on 1 strand of thread…

I really find it interesting that the damn thing lasted that long and I wonder if it had anything to do with the wish… what do you think??

P.S. this is my 13th blog on here….. hummm interesting…..

Ahh so things have slowed down ALOT! Thank goddess. Unfortunately, my phone is now starting to act up. How does one get a -1 unread text message, because I for the life of me can’t figure it out. I’ve even asked my mum who works with cell phone problems. I got nothing.

Well the show went very well if I do say so myself. There were a few minor hickups but that’s to be expected. I was very proud of how every thing turned out.

I still haven’t figured how to post via phone correctly its still splitting them in to seperate post…. must be the way I send them…. idk i guess i need to tinker more….

tata for now!


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