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2011 A Recap.

Its crazy to think that this year is coming to an end. seems like it was just the beginning of the year. Time flies when  your having fun, or sleepless nights…lol. This past year has been super crazy, busy and fun. In the past year I celebrated my 1st anniversary with my amazing husband, Gave birth to my Spidey baby, Have been breast feeding for 9 months now, Moved from FL to TX, Launched a new part of my business (Baby Button), cut off all my hair, became more organized, bought a new car, started blogging more(again), started doing tutorials, survived my first PCS. Its crazy to think of everything that’s happened this past year. its been a busy year that’s for sure.

I know that this next year will be just as busy and crazy.  I know for sure that this next year holds a 1st birthday party for Venom and her Best friend Meatball, Mr. Salior and I’s 2nd Anniversary, a few more PCS’s, More tutorial’s (I already have a few in the works), a new blog layout (thats in the works too), New Achievement list, and so much more.

I really want to say thank you to my readers that have read, commented and stuck around for the last year. I have a lot of awesome things planned out for this next year and I hope you’ll stick around for it. Please don’t be shy either, I love reading your comments (well, not the spam ones) and hearing your ideas and input so please continue to do so. see ya’ll next year!

Exciting news!

I wrote this a bit ago and just realized this was still in my drafts folder. Eep, sorry about that.

I’ve got exciting news, We’re moving to Texas. Mr. Sailor got approved for the PMT school. So that means we’re making our first major move. I’m excited but dreading the heat. I’m hoping that since we well only be there through the fall-spring(Winter tho the rest of the country…) months that the heat will be bearable. This also means that Venom and I will need lots more dresses and skirts. I have a few in the works but she is cutting teeth so she is needing snuggled a bit more now.

Speaking of Venom, she’s almost 4 months old….. (holy crap where’d the time go??) She is already sleeping through the night. She is about to roll over, she can roll completely on to her side, she just needs to hook her leg over. She babbles and sticks her tongue out. She also has become a complete Poppa’s girl. She loves her daddy and loves to smile and talk to him. She also has a new Companion to play with, Bruce Wayne, our new male kitten who is about as old as she is. He loves to sleep next to her… which I dont care for. (don’t worry he’s not allowed in her room unsupervised.) but he does think her toys are his.. Harley Quinn still likes to watch Venom from a distance and check on her when she cries.

In business related news, I now have a store front directly on my Facebook page. This means that you can shop right there without having to leave the page. I’ve been doing quite a bit of revamping and redecorating. You’ll see that there is a new logo, tags, catergories and so forth. I’m adding a baby gear line. I plan on offering diaper bags, cloth diapers(which I’m looking for testers for!), clothing and more.

A not so Challenging Decision

Im usually one who will think decisions and options out very very carefully before anything else. Now in my 40 weeks, I don’t want to be pregnant any longer mind frame. Everything annoys me and wears my already very thin patience even thinner. While taking a break from cleaning up the house before Our family arrives, I look at my phone to see I have several Facebook notifications. I log on and IMMEDIATELY become annoyed. So then and there I decided that Facebook and I are breaking up. I need to focus my attentions else were anyways. My business has fallen to the sidelines and I need to focus on that and Venom (if she ever decides to journey into the real world…). My focus over the next few weeks will be revamping this blog (stay tuned for more tutorials and Craft related post) and getting new Merch made and photographed.

Comments and such that anyone may post on Facebook will be left unanswered so its best to contact me Via Commenting here, Twitter or Email.

Fat Tuesday

Fat tuesday marks the end of Mardi Gras week and the beginning of Lent. Its your one last party before sacrificing something for 40 days and 40 nights. Now, I’m as far from Catholic as possible, but now days it doesnt seem to matter much. Last year on Fat Tuesday I was at work goofing off and enjoying King Cake. This year the term Fat Tuesday take a whole other meaning. It basically sums up how I feel. I feel fat and huge, even though I know I’m not. I planned on sewing today, I still might but right now I don’t even have the energy to get off the couch. The lack of sleep is getting to me. I’m currently still in my Pajamas.

 I realized that I didnt do a Venom update last week. I’m sorry. Last week was spent cleaning and is probably some of the reason I’m so tired this week. Not much has happened or changed. Breathing has gotten much easier so I’m sure she’s starting to drop. Her movements are becoming slower and don’t hurt as badly. It does frighten me at times but then I get a nice little jab in the hip bone so I take it as her way of saying “its ok Mummy I’m ok”

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way today. It’s just that these last few weeks (only 3 more to go!!!) are slowly happening. I’m getting very bored and tired of waiting to hold my little girl. I guess I should go motivate myself and finish my sewing. Especially since my supplies have finally arrived.

A Rant of sorts- What Condition do I have??

I have a huge pet peeve, being told I can not do something. As a child I was raised to be independent and self reliant. I hardly bitch when I’m sick or hurt. I know what needs to be done and how long it will take me to get said task done. In general, I really don’t like being told no. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Fast forward to now, here I am almost 9 months pregnant, still felling great and having a great pregnancy. I realize that my generation is quite different than others. So let me see if I can put this nicely. I’M PREGNANT, NOT CRIPPLED.  I have a Tiny human growing in me, not a life threatening tumor. So, please enlighten me, what condition do I have? Do I have cancer and I not know it? Did my Doctor call you to inform you instead of me? NO? I thought not. I am more than capable of doing things for myself and I don’t need to be babied. I have shit I have to get done (I.E. Cleaning the house, running errands, taking care of the animals, and running my business) I can’t rely on waiting for my husband to do it all.(Not to mention, I don’t think Mr. Sailor could handle my sewing machines) It make take me a bit longer but I will get it done. Done rush me and you better not tell me not to do it. I know what I can and can not handle. Its not like I’m going to go bench press 300lbs on a whim. (now it I regularly did so, that would be another thing completely) I do know that a basket of laundry, grocery and etc.. are not going to hurt me. 

As for the Cat litter restriction, while Yes, Mr. Sailor cleans out the cats. BUT I did some investigating, The parasite that doctors are worried about when it comes to cat shit, lives in it and must be ingested. I don’t know about you but eating cat poop is not on my list of yummy things to eat. that being said I would have to become so paranoid about what I was touching and whether other people were risking putting me in danger… I’d would have spent this whole pregnancy in a bio-hazard suit and a bubble. There is no reason to be that paranoid, just wash your hands and your good. Believe me, Mr. Sailor and I are probably helping Dial stay in the black… OHHH and that same parasite can live in sandwich meat and can affect everyone not just pregnant women….. HA!

The moral of this story, Don’t you dare say “well in your Condition, blah, blah, blah.” I’ll probably end up putting you in your place and telling you to F@#$ Off.

Me Monday: New things in the works

I’ve been quite again only because Mr. Sailor was on Leave last week and I was trying to spend time with hi since our Venom free time is coming to an end. I also spent the week cleaning the house so I can happily say that I a all caught up on all chores. I’m happy about the prospect of sewing all week. This morning was spent running errands so that this evening I can sit and work on finishing Venom’s quilt that I’ve put on the back burner. I have lots of things to show you guys but it keeps raining and I cant seem to get decent pictures. As soon as I can get the photos new things will be shared and listed. My one major goal this year is to work harder at S.B. Designs13. Ok well I need to go prep some purses. Stay tuned for the new things that are coming this week.

Navy Base Life- Meet the Neighbors..

Since moving on to the Base I still have yet to really meet other people. Its kinda sad, I crave social interaction with others. I’ve met our neighbors and I’m freindly to them when I see them. This morning we had just woke up and journeyed downstairs to start our lazy sunday. When our neighbor rang the bell. This lady is so incredibly sweet, her husband is currently deployed (and due home this next week) and  its just her and her twin daughters. Well this morning she awoke to find that her van was dead (the twins left a light on). Mr. Sailor kindly went and jumped her van and gave her some advice on making sure it was charged and such. We chatted for a bit then went on our ways. Well my incredibly sweet neighbor returned home about 45 mins later and rang the bell again… This time returning with Dunkin Donuts as a thank you.

Weekly Venom Update- 31 weeks

I just realized that I had yet to post this… eep!

So it seems that I’m growing more and more impatient every time I right one of these updates.  I’ve never been one to wait and waiting until who knows when is driving me insane. Her Nursery is set up but not organized, which is bugging me and I really should get in there and do that. the bedding is coming along quite nicely. I finished up the bumpers last night and I need to go clip threads and put them on the crib. That just leaves the quilt, skirt, curtains and artwork.

As far as this week goes, she’s been super active and I think she’s shifting and flipping position since she is now balled up on one side. Kicks are becoming quite a bit stronger and starting to hurt and get slightly annoying. As annoying as they are, I’d rather have them than not. At my doctors appointment last week I had gained 5.5 lbs…. putting me at a 25lb gain so far. I really try not to think about these numbers as they frighten me. Little V is healthy and growing so its well worth it in the end, plus I can always buy P90X right??

The best part of this week was that on Sunday, Mr. Sailor took me out to dinner. We had Sushi (I had veggie…. yum. While he had Eel…) and the hibachi. It was nice to get out and spend alone time with the Mr. Sailor. I know that moments like that are going to be few and far between here soon.

Weekly Venom Update. 30 weeks

Oh yikes! 30 weeks already. Only about 10 more weeks to go. I do have the distinct feeling that I wont make it to 40 weeks. My intuition is usually right on target, so we shall see. This Mummy is still hoping for an April Fools baby. 

How far along are you? 30 weeks

How big is baby? Still the size of a squash. Approx measurements are, 15-16.5 inches long and about 2.5-3.8 lbs
Maternity clothes?  Oh yes. Pre-pregnancy clothing barely fits at all, well at least the shirts.
Weight – Loss or Gain? Gain.
Stretch marks? Knock on wood, Nope not that I’ve seen.
HA! like I can get comfortable enough to sleep. When I do, I’m so congested that I keep poor Mr. Sailor awake. My new nickname is Darth Vader…. 
Best moment this week: Getting my Arse in gear and cleaning the Nursery, and working on sewing projects.
Any Movement?: A ton. She’s always wiggle worming around in there. It’s seriously starting to hurt my stomach muscles. 
Food Cravings? : sweets, Sour, ans spicy things.
Food Aversions?: Nope
Belly Button in or out?: Flat… It’s still slightly in. It is slightly tender but I think that has to do with her kicking it all the time. It also hurts when my pants lay on it. I plan on mentioning it to the doctor this week.
What do you miss?: Sleep
What are you looking forward to?: Getting the Nursery done.
What was the BEST part of this week?: Being a week closer
What was the WORST part of this week?: going to the doctor. It will be nice to hear her heartbeat but I really loath going to the doctor.
Weekly Wisdom:  Ice water and cool temperatures seem to help the can’t breath feeling’s I’ve been having.
Milestones: 10 weeks left to go!

So here’s the weekly update. Not much has seemed to change other than my stomach now sticks out farther than before. I will upload a pic as soon as I get back from the commissary (I can’t figure out why they open at 0900 instead of 0800… weird).
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My week so far, in a nutshell…

Hello Lovelies,
How is your week treating you? Hopefully better than mine is treating me. Although I’ve had a super productive week (not productive enough to record a new tutorial this week… Next week promise). I’m pretty sure that I have started nesting. I had my first mini melt down on Monday in regards to Venom’s nursery not being completed yet. So I spent the day sewing up a storm. I did modify the quit just slightly and I’m almost done piecing the top. Tuesday was spent cleaning my downstairs. I swept and swiffered the floors, rearranged furniture (which I got a very disapproving look from Mr. Sailor for doing so), washed dishes and cleaned the Kitchen. Yesterday was spent cleaning our Suite and rounding up laundry so that once Mr. Sailor gets my dryer fixed I can do laundry again. I also had the joy of waiting for the Direct TV guy to drive out here, just so he could tell me we’re SOL and can’t get service because of one stupid tree limb. If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably saw my tweets about being upset. I really really dislike the service we’ve been receiving from Comcast. They’ve been very lazy in regards to fixing the issues we’re having. Today has been spent playing video games and trying to rack up more achievement points. I have like 2 achievements left until I complete Plants Vs. Zombies. I’m stuck at a point on Bayonetta so I’m taking a sabbatical from it.

Has anything exciting happened for you this week so far??

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