Arrivals, Life, and new ventures. 

This last week was amazing but so quick! I was fortunate enough to to spend it with my mom who was visiting from IN. The trip was for her birthday which was Friday. She arrived on Tuesday and had to leave on Saturday so that she could travel back in time for work today. Like I said it was an incredibly quick visit. The only saving grace is that by mid this month she will be living down here near us. 

The girls were so happy to have her here. They absolutely love their Mere and having her near. Lots of fun was had and I got to take her to Ikea for the first time. She fell in love but honestly who doesn’t love ikea? It was amazing having the extra help as I’ve found myself feeling exhausted even more now that I am over half way through this pregnancy. We managed to reorganize my kitchen so that I could get all my remaining cook wear from boxes. Thought I am still missing my knifes. I suppose I’ll just have to buy new as it’s been this long, I fear they were mistakenly tossed with paper and boxes. As I lifted them wrapped for safety of toddlers. 

This week I take the dreaded Glucola test as I hit 28 weeks on Friday. While I was hoping to do an alternative, the only alternative is to treat me as if I have gestational diabetes and monitor myself daily for the rest of my pregnancy. That’s just not something I want to willingly do as I’ve never had it and have had a simple pregnancy thus far. So I will suck it up and play their game (oh how the military loves their games…. ) and take the one hour test.  I am half tempted to record the whole experience for the YouTube channel.

YouTube is going amazingly. The Mr. Has helped me get things set up so that I can have a recording space and decent editing software for just starting. It pays to be married to a techie. I recently purchased him a silhouette machine. (And by him I really mean me as I’ve used it so much this last week!) I plan to do a tutorial showing how to do some simple glass jar labels and coffee mugs. I am sure it will be a staple feature here on the blogs soon enough. Same goes for new listings in the shop. Vinyl monograms and custom shirts will be an option soon. 

My other big adventure is that I started selling Jamberry. I figure as much as I spend on them I should get something besides gorgeous nails. My girls love them and now that I can’t see my feet it’s nice to know my pedicure still looks fabulous. The extra income is awesome for the newbie fluff I need to buy, lol. At a month in, I am doing amazing at it and am shocked at how easy and simple it is to actually sell. It’s nothing more than I don’t already do for SBD. Just posting on Facebook and promoting when out. I compliment people already so it’s not a stretch. It’s also helping me work through my social anxiety. It’s become terrible lately and I needed a push to get out there. Between this and Venom’s soccer games I hope to get better. If you would like to check out the wraps, visit my site, Jamin with Kae